Come and See

Discernment Opportunities

One of the best ways to assist in your discernment is to visit a seminary or religious house and meet the people who live there. This gives discerners an opportunity to see what daily life is like in these places, and can spark new friendships both with fellow young people discerning their vocation and with seminarians and religious novices who can be a great support along the way. 

The Office of Vocations periodically sponsors these sorts of trips. If there are any upcoming trips, the information will be found below. Also, individual discerners can always request to make a private visit themselves. The Office of Vocations is very willing to schedule these visits. If you are interested, contact Fr. Nick at


Prediscernment Prayer Nights

If you are open to the call of the Lord, whatever it may be, come pray to know your vocation during one of six holy hours hosted by the department of vocations in early 2021. Dates will be added as they are confirmed. These evenings of prayer are geared toward those aged 16 and over.

Remaining Prayer Nights

Tuesday, April 27 2021 - St. Patrick Meridian, 6-7 PM

Wednesday, April 28 2021 - St. Michael Forest, 6-7 PM

Summer Quo Vadis Days

Quo Vadis? is a question that tradition holds St. Peter asked the risen Jesus as he fled Rome to escape persecution. He asked Jesus, “Domine, quo vadis?” “Lord, where are you going?” and Jesus responded, “I’m going to Rome to be crucified in your place.” This encounter led Peter to draw courage and give his life for the Lord and His Church. 

This will be the theme of a 2-day retreat June 22-24 open to young men ages 15-35 at Our Lady of Hope Retreat Center in Chatawa, Mississippi. If you are interested in registering please email Fr. Nick Adam, Vocation Director, at


The Diocese of Jackson offers these discernment events at no cost to the attendants.

If you are interested in supporting an event, please contact the Office of Vocations

Diocese of Jackson

Attn: Office of Vocations

PO Box 2248
Jackson, MS 39225-2248