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EJ Martin

EJ is in his first year of Pre-Theology at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. His home parish is St. Richard in Jackson. He is an alumnus of St. Joseph Catholic School Madison.

Mr. EJ Martin

Notre Dame Seminary

2901 S. Carrollton Ave

New Orleans, LA 70118

email: richardemartinjr@gmail.com

His story in his own words:

I was born in Jackson and attended St. Richard’s and St. Joseph’s Madison. From there, I continued a Catholic education at Spring Hill College. After graduating from Spring Hill in 2015 with a degree in Financial Economics, I moved to Austin, TX where I worked in sales for a Financial Services company.  

I have always considered the priesthood, but it wasn't until 2021 that God's voice became too loud to ignore. I was praying more regularly and in that prayer God was clearly encouraging me to consider the priesthood. 

On Good Friday of 2021, when I was home for Easter, I paid a visit to Fr. Nick, and we began the journey of discerning if God was calling me to join the seminary. As I began to pray more with scripture and conformed my life towards holiness, I was finding more peace in this calling. 

In seminary, God will give me the opportunity to continue to double down on this discernment. I look forward to continuing to establish a strong prayer life, and to fall in love with His will for me. My greatest desire at seminary is the discovery of God's vocation for me and the peace and strength to accept that calling.

You can send EJ a personal note to 2901 S Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118.