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Straton Garrard

Straton is in his first year of Pre-Theology at St. Joseph Seminary College in St Benedict, Louisiana. His home parish is St. Richard in Jackson. He is an alumnus of St. Joseph Catholic School Madison.

Mr. Straton Garrard

St. Joseph Seminary College

75376 River Rd.

St. Benedict, LA 70457


His story in his own words:

I was born in Flowood, Mississippi. My family moved around a little, from one section of Brandon to another, until finally settling in Madison while I attended St. Joseph Catholic School.


During the summer of my 11th grade year, I attended a SEARCH retreat where my faith was greatly deepened and a desire to try and follow where the Lord leads was beginning to ferment within me. This led me towards the University of Dallas, where I learned more about the Catholic Church, our history and beliefs, and where I attended an Awakening retreat where the call once again beckoned me to try to listen to where God was trying to lead me. After one last spiritual and existential push my senior year, I decided to devote my time to service, which brought me to a path that led me towards serious discernment, working at my home parish, St. Richard, and finally falling in love with my home diocese, where I hope to serve as a priest, God willing.


I am inspired by the example of St. Francis, who’s desire to serve the Church and those poorest amongst us I consider to be a beacon leading towards to love of God Himself. 


I enjoy reading, playing card games of all varieties, jogging, and relaxing with friends. I love my patron saint, St. Bede the Venerable, who put his mind and will towards following and learning as much about God and His ways as he could for the sake of his neighbors. 


I thought for a while that I would be a teacher or involved in politics somehow. Hopefully I can find ways to encourage others to learn more about our faith that, growing in love with God, we may make the world a more peaceful and prayerful place.

You can send Straton a personal note to 75376 River Rd. St. Benedict, LA 70457