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Tristan Stovall

Tristan is a third year theologian at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. His home parish is Holy Rosary in Philadelphia, MS.

Mr. Tristan Stovall

Notre Dame Seminary

2901 S. Carrollton Ave

New Orleans, LA 70118


His story in his own words:

I was born and raised in the red clay hills of Neshoba County, Mississippi. 

I was raised a Baptist. My first memory of Catholicism is seeing the funeral of St. John Paul II on television. At the time I was awestruck by all the proceedings. I had so many questions about what was happening and who this man was for whom the whole world was coming to a halt. I became more and more interested as I grew up. When I was 15 I went to mass for the first time at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, La. I new then that I had to become a Catholic. I came home and a few weeks later started attending mass regularly. At the Easter Vigil in 2014 I was received into full communion with the Church.


I have always had a deep desire to dedicate my life entirely to God. This desire was present for as long as I can remember. Entering into the sacramental life of the Church changed my life. I began attending daily mass and frequenting the sacrament of penance. The example of the saints was very influential in my pursuing a vocation to the priesthood. St. Catherine of Siena has always exercised an influence over me. Seeing her example of total dedication has constantly inspired me to give myself entirely to the service of Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church. I hope one day to receive the call to Holy Orders and to be entirely dedicated to the service of the Church.

You can send Tristan a personal note to 2901 S Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA 70118.